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Myaddsup review- Earn $36 Per click with Myaddsup, Scam Alert!

HOW MY ADDS UP WORKS MyAddsUp is a Paid to Click program that guarantees YOU earnings up to $36 per click depending on the number of Ad Packs you purchase you also get to advertise your own products and links.You also stand a chance of increasing your site traffic with myaddsup. HOW TO DEPOSIT FUNDS ON MYADDSUP Before you can start earning with My Adds Up you must deposit some funds into your account. Deposits are a minimum of $1.00 and there is not maximum amount. On the Deposit Funds page enter the amount you wish to deposit and select your payment method, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Coinpayments then follow the instructions on the next page. Electronic currency exchanger listing HOW TO BUY AN AD PACK ON MYADDSUP After you have deposited funds into your account click on the Buy Ad Pack Button. On the next page enter the URL Link address you want to promote, You will receive 100 Website views for each Ad Pack you purchase. Select the number of Ad Packs you want to

Youth Power Review, Must Read Before You Lend

Welcome To Youth Power Community

Youth Power Is know as Nigeria's No.1 Lending Platform where you Earn 50% Returns Weekly.
Are you a student or a youth?
Are you unemployed?
Do you want to invest in a business with just N1,500?
If Yes, Then join the community where members provide financial assistance to each other and start earning 50% weekly!


Youth Power is a Social Lending Platform created to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.
Youth power was launched on the 15th of October 2018, it's barely 4 months ago and yet they've made a lot of Nigerian to smile daily.

They currently have registered donors of about 37 plus and still counting, they have also paid close to 12.2 million naira in the past 4 months to lenders. you can be among those earning 50% of their lending weekly.

Youth power is a platform were you make donations to the less privilege and you get 50% returns weekly.

Youth power is a legit platform that was created to eradicate the Nigerian citizens from poverty and suffering. This platform really focus on youth empowerment and encouragement to make a good living in the society.

This innovation has helped a lot of Nigerian youths, student, middle class and even old people who wants to benefit from the platform. Because it create an enabling environment for everyone who lends on the platform to earn 50% returns weekly from their one time donation.

You don't require any special skills or talent to become a member of youth power benefiting member. All you need to do is to donate to your brother or sister in need then you will get half of what you've lent on a weekly basis. This implies that if you lend as small as N1500, you will be earning N750 on top of your Initial lending  on weekly basis. You don't read news or comment on youth power, sponsored post is not relevant but you can earn passively By introducing people who are willing to lend too.

On Youth power, you lending are safe and secured, you help others by lending to them not minding who you are lending it to because, it pays to be kind.

The wonderful thing I so much love about youth power is that immediately you register and activate your account with them, you will be credited with N30,000 instantly and could be withdrawn after placing your donation.
No platform in Nigeria has given this much as a welcome bonus to compensate you for registering with them.


1. Registration or sign up: Before you can benefit with youth power community, you have to register with them on their platform. Because 50% returns is paid to registered members. And make sure you provide your correct details on the registration page. Details like your email, phone number and address will be required on the registration page.

2. Activate your account: After the registration, the next step is to activate your account, you have to activate your account with youth power community so you can enjoy all that they have to offer.

3. This is the most interesting part, you earn a whooping N30,000 after activating your account with youth power community.

4. Start lending and get 50% returns of your lending weekly. You can start lending with a lower price of N1500 and above. There's no restrictions on the amount of money that you can lend, you can lend as much as you can and then earn 50% of your lending on weekly basis.

After lending, you have to upload your lending proof from your dashboard, this proof will be  a screenshot of the debit alert.  it will be confirmed by youth power administrators and then you will be qualified for 50% returns weekly. Don't try to spam the platform by unloading fake debit alert screenshot, you will definitely be spot out and your account might be deactivated.


Registration on youth power community is absolutely free, you don't need to make payments for account activation because every members activate their account manually by following the information on the registration page after submitting the form.

To register on youth power community click here.

There is still vacancy for you to register now and earn 50% returns weekly by lending on youth power community.


1. Youth power pays lenders 50% returns weekly.
2. Smart site
3. Reliable Support/ Administration


1. Minimum lending fee is too high. Many people Won't still afford it.

In conclusion,
Youth power community is absolutely an aid program where you earn by lending. take advantage of this legit platform today and be among thousands of lenders that are earning with Youth Power Community Today. Good luck


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