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Monday, February 25, 2019

Cashgram income program review, legit share and earn program


Make Money Online With Cashgram Income Program By Just Sharing  Sponsored Post On Your Facebook And Daily Log In.


CASHGRAM income program is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direct marketing. CASHGRAM promote Advertisers content by sharing their revenue with their members there by creating an effective means of maximizing the use of “Social Media” as a digital marketing agency. Cashgram was created as an Income Program with the hope to help the world as a whole to deal with financial problems. CASHGRAM particularly focus on the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning the opportunity and making money online legitimately because they have create the enabling channel for participant to earn passive income on weekly basis.

Note:- CASHGRAM income program is not a news site like others, you share and earn.

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CASHGRAM income program generates revenue through paid ads from their clients.

They advertise products and services like every other advertising company. You too can advertise with CASHGRAM income program.


1. Sponsored Post (N150 per post): For every sponsored post (i.e the ads from cashgram clients) you share on your Facebook timeline, you earn N150.

2. Log in Bonus: When you log in to share sponsored post, you earn N50 daily.

3. Survey/Discussion : When you participate in CASHGRAM Survey/Discussion, you earn N100 per survey.

4. Guider Bonus (N600 per guide): When you guide your friends and family to register with CashGram, ask them  to input your user name as their Guider, you will receive  N600 automatically. Don’t be scared, it has been on right from the beginning, and they have been paying fast and smoothly, so you do not need to guide members before receiving your earnings.

Note: If you have 5 referrals in a month for the fifth referral in that same month you will be rewarded with a referral bonus of 500 naira, as this is an additional reward from cashgram to you for your hard work.


1. You will need an active Facebook Account

2. And a one time registration fee of N1,200 only.


You can make payment online using your ATM CARD or you can purchase coupon code from the authorized coupon agent via bank deposit or online transfer here and apply them.

Note: Before you proceed with your registration, if you can’t make payment online, please purchase coupon code from the authorized coupon agent via bank deposit or online transfer (Price: N1,200).

Click here to purchase coupon code.


CASHGRAM Registration is easy as ABC

Click on REGISTER at the TOP NAVIGATION MENU or click here to register.
Fill The Form Correctly And Summit
Make Payment Online Or Apply Coupon Code.
No more steps after that, Your account will be activated automatically. Just share CASHGRAM sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and earn money unending.

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Click on SPONSORED POST at the top navigation menu only when you are logged in,
follow the instruction written before you share the sponsored post.
That’s all.. Your N150 will be smiling at you.
Now, if you think that you can just share the post and delete it as soon as possible, that is not how it works. When you make a withdrawal request, your Facebook timeline will be reviewed, and if the posts are not there, your request will be declined.


You can cash out your earnings every week when it accumulates up to N3,000 and above
Pay out is on Saturdays.
What are waiting for?
Join the share and earn crew now that it's hot and trending. And mind you, registration fee might be raised to N1500 in no time. So the suitable time to join is now.
Click here to register

If you are still doubting, see payment proof below!!

1. CASHGRAM pays weekly when you have a minimum cash out of N3000 only.
2. It's a share and earn program.
3. Sponsored post comes 3 to 4 times on a daily basis.
4. 50% guider bonus.

1. Registration fee is too high, they have to reduce it to enable mass participation.

In conclusion,
CASHGRAM income program is a Good platform for online business. With a common start up fee of N1200, you could be among thousands of people smiling daily.
CASHGRAM income program is not scam, it's legitimate and real. Happy Money Making!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Bronexnews income program review, Legitimate platform


BRONEX NEWS is an affiliated marketing system that pays you for simple tasks you carry out online with amazing mouth watering offers.


BRONEX INTERNATIONAL is a global digital media outfit. Fully registered in Nigeria at the CAC, they provide marketing and advertising services to businesses and organizations.

BRONEX NEWS started her operation recently and as such, no stringent rules attached during withdrawal, you withdraw at your own convenient, with or without referrals.

Bronex news income program is not ponzi scheme neither is it a get rich quick scheme. its just a program that will stream in additional income into your account. So it's a way of getting extra income if you are a housewife, student or a jobless teen who sits at home and does nothing or you that loves Facebook, Even without getting a penny then you should try Bronex news platform.
You have been making money for Mark Zuckerberg but how much is he making for you, most Nigerians spend time on Facebook and its not reflecting on their bank account.
On BRONEX NEWS you will get paid just by sharing posts on Facebook


You earn by taking part in some activities on the site,  personally i spend like 30min daily. You can spend more and earn more.

There are Over 7 ways of earning (I am used to 6).You can explore as many as you want.

1. Bronex news income program has a Google ad activation on it.They pay you for visiting the site daily to your account on the website. Your presence increases site traffic And you earn N100.

2. You earn Also by sharing sponsored post on Facebook N150 per post(This posts are short adverts.You decide which one to post).

3. If you bring in new members also to the platform, you'll be given a referral commission of N1,000.

4. You will also earn indirectly commission from your referrals when they refer other people into the platform N50.

5. When you comment on any News, you earn. N3.

6. You earn N2 for each news you read.

7. When someone visit the site by clicking on your affiliate link, you earn N2.

When You do all these activities, you are not limited to any amount per day depending on how committed you are.

You can earn as much as you want per day depending on the time spent.

You can make N1000 to N4000 on daily basis.


Let's calculate your estimated earnings for one week.

1. You make a comment on 300 posts per week =3x300 = N900

2. You share bronex sponsored post for a week = N150 X 7 = N1050

3. You refer 1 person in a week = N1000

4. When your 1 referral refers 3 person each. (10X50)= N500
( indirect referal)

5. Daily Log in of 100 naira per day for 7 days = N100 X 7= 700

6. Reading News of over 400 news for a week = 400X N2 = N800

7. You get N2 per click on your affiliate link

Let's do the math
900+1050+1000+500+700+800= N5000 weekly, then N5000 × 4 = N20000 monthly without submitting any file to the boss desk.

You can earn more than this on BRONEX NEWS because it rocks.
On bronex news income program, You see an increase in your money as you participate in the various activities on the site.
Without referral at all, you can make over 10k weekly.


Click here to register

For you to be a member, you will have to purchase a coupon code amounted to N1,800 only, and that's the only money you'll pay on the website while it last.

Click here to register

Note:- Bronex news income program accepts two method of payment, either my pay stack using credit/ debit cards or by coupon code.

Click here to order for coupon code.

Don't pay to anyone who is not on the list of coupon vendors to avoid being scammed. And avoid paying more than the required amount of N1,800 only.


Bronex news pay out all your accumulated earnings every week.
Bronex news payouts are done three (3) times weekly.
Mondays and Wednesdays are for payment of referral earnings.
Fridays are for payment of BN earnings.
All earnings may be paid with/without referral

Note:- Bronex news pays with or without referrals. No referrals? No problem, Bronex will still make you smile.
Check screenshot of payments below!

You don't have to doubt, because people who doubt the most, are usually poor in life.

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1. Bronex news income program pays on a weekly basis with a minimum balance of N3000.
2. They also have a Good earning strategy
3. Attractive referral commission
4. They operate a swift site
5. Enough news for earning

1. Registration fee of N1,800 is too much, many people who have interest in Bronex news might not be able to participate because of this high registration fee.

In conclusion,
Bronex news income program is a nice and legit platform for earning. You could be making up to N10,000 with Bronex news if you are serious and committed to the site. Don't let the high registration fee to scare you away from this unique opportunity because, you will not remember you invested small amount when you start harvesting good money on a weekly basis.
Bronex income program is not scam, i will personally recommend it to anyone,be it young or old, man or woman, boy or girl. Join Bronex news income program today and be happy you did. Happy money making!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

How To Get Referrals, Step by Step Guide (2019)


Today I'm Going To Help You Answer One Of The Most Bothering Questions That Is Always Asked By New Affiliate Marketers Which Is "How To Get Referrals". This Questions Have Made A Lot Of People Who Had Passion For Affiliate Marketing To Shy Away From It Because They Are Afraid That They Won't Be Able To Convince Anyone To Join Them.

 Below is a steps by step pattern of getting referrals and earning referrals commission without stress.

how can you make money from getting referrals and why is it important in affiliate marketing?

1. Getting Referrals for yourself :- Getting referrals for yourself will boost your chances of earning higher from any affiliate platform.

2. Selling with integrity to those needing it at a good reasonable price

3. Training people on how to get referrals, Quality training to say.

 You have to understand that you have to be agile and not lazy, affiliate marketing is for smart people, if you are lazy then you are not supposed to join the business because it's not for you.
You are not going to get referrals from heaven, you source it there on earth except you want to get angels. This article is going to help you with that so you won't see affiliate marketing so boring like you always did.

There are two major avenues of getting referrals as an affiliate.

1. offline campaign

2. online campaign

So let's start with offline campaign.

Step 1
     Offline campaign is very simple and reliable because you don't need to type anything but you explain about your products or services verbally. For instant, you're an affiliate on a news paying site like Puspay income program or 007 reports, you can share the business opportunity with your close friends, family members and from there, you get one or two persons joining you on the business.
That is not so hard, you can back up the opportunity by recent alerts from members or testimonies.

Further more, you can go with this other step if you have what it takes to do so.

Step 2.
      Holding offline presentations Seminars on the program you want to get referrals for. you will end up gathering many referrals on a daily basis.

 All this Is on an offline campaign, For the first step above, If have nice friends and you introduce them to the platform, they will join you considering the juicy packages that is offered on the platform.

For this to happen, you have to go the extra miles and I will to you how to go about it.
For holding presentations or seminars,

You have to access a crowd, Maybe your church, mosque, office staff, A school like the Universities or polytechnics. You have to be bold and smart to do this Because it's serious canvassing, you will harvest a lot of referrals for yourself if you try this step.

See let me gist you most people on NNU  income program, not minding their large user base, are still getting plenty referrals on a daily basis.

Go to the universities and polytechnics, you will get plenty referrals by sharing a business opportunity because Students need money for one or two stuffs in the various departments, you can convert many people and earn more using the offline campaign strategies.

So let's talk online campaign,

Online strategy is interesting and I believe you will like it.

Below is the following ways you can reach out to interested persons and convert them to your referrals.

1.Whatsapp status:-  This one can convert many of your whatsapp contacts because people will consciously and unconsciously check Your status update even without your permission, you might not know what they like because you might not be chatting directly with them but once they see that money is involved, they will inbox you and from there, you convert them and make money. Don't forget to do this on daily basis, upload fresh Alert of the platform you want to refer people to as your WhatsApp status.
You will be shocked about the outcome of referrals if you try this.

others way are,

Posting on your facebook timeline.

Facebook and Whatsapp chat method.

Facebook and Whatsapp group methods.

Blogging strategy

Paid advert

And more
You have to be very smart if you really want to make good money especially from all these news paying site, they might tell you referrals is not compulsory but don't relent effort by making money alone without telling people around you.

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You know facebook has made posting more beautifying and enticing, then you have to look for a way to beautify your post... All u need do is to Create a catchy advert on your facebook timeline about business, product or services, pick a color and Tag a lot of people.
Be active and responsive, once people comment, Try and follow up By Telling them To either Chat you on facebook Or on whatsapp .

You can also direct them to join you whatsapp  group for presentation or using to inbox you directly.

Replace that with your WhatsApp contact to direct people chat you straight on WhatsApp

with this strategy, you can convert people as Referrals too.


• Create a whatsapp group

• join a lot of facebook groups, Student groups to say example

University of Ibadan aspirant, Unilorin  aspirant, Unizik, Uniport update, University of uyo aspirant group And many others.

Now hers is the hint, Join more than 20 high numbers groups like University of Ibadan aspirant which has more than 100,000 member. Post religiously on the groups, comment box, if you have a whatsapp group, attach your WhatsApp link to the advert about your products and watch referrals raining.
Now people will surely join your group when your Advert is
• Attractive
• Catchy
• Convincing

Check out these examples Below to get tips of what am trying to say.

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 So if you post the adverts, Put alert testimony to back it up.

Get people into your group by sharing your link on adverts.
All you need Is to have a good presentations on how to convince them to join.
Your presentation must expose all the benefits of the business in question.
And ensure that you are not so strict in your presentation group yet don't take shit,
Be accommodating, Loving, Attentive, appealing, Ladies be charming so that you with get to your audience swiftly.

If you Post into 20 facebook groups daily,
Get people to your Whatsapp group,
Hold nice presentations twice in a day,
You should get at least one referral on a bad day, 5 referrals on a good day And 10 referrals if you have found favour in the sight of the Lord.

More so, If you know how to create a blog be it paid or free, you can create one and advertise your business opportunity or product on it. Now this is the logic behind this, When people wants to know more about the business opportunity, They will search it up on google and when your blog appears, they can contact you from there And you can convert them to your referral.

To click a free blog click here.

If you follow this steps religiously, you will be harvesting a lot of referrals to your business and then stand a chance to earn whopping money from being an affiliate. Don't be afraid to talk to people, they won't bite you or kill you. If it catches their fancy, they will join you.

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In conclusion,
Being an affiliate is one thing and earning from being an affiliate Is another thing in which you have to work dearly for. Using the contact us if you have questions to ask personally, or use the comment box to contribute or ask general questions. We are here for you.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Puspay income program review, real money making platform


Puspay income program is a newly launched money making platform. It was launched on the 15th of February 2019.

We're going to discuss about puspay income program, how it works and how you could probably make money and withdraw from it.


Puspay income Program (PIP) comprises of the puspay Affiliate Program (PAP) and the puspay Ad Revenue Sharing (PIP) Program in which one can earn from.

Puspay income program pays you a whooping ₦600 referral commission on each individual you refer to PUSPAY Platform that successfully purchase the PIP product through your referral link.
You can promote your link by sharing it on your social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and so on.
The more persons that registers with your referral link and purchase the PIP Product, the more ₦600 referral commission.

2. PUSPAY AD REVENUE SHARING (PIP):- Puspay income also pay you for carrying out activities like news reading, commenting on news updates, sharing of Sponsored Posts on social media, submission of posts, daily log in and taking part in the special give away competition. Below is the break-down of the activities and the money you make for taking part in any of them.


These are the various ways  to make money on puspay income program.

1. Welcome Bonus:- Puspay pays you N200 immediately after registration, this money will be credited to your dashboard. This is a compensation for signing up on puspay income program.

2. Daily Log in –: Puspay pays each members  N60 For visiting the site on a daily basis.

3. Sponsored Posts :- Puspay income program pays you N120 for sharing their assigned post on Facebook or any other platform. After successful sharing, the money will reflect automatically.

4. Reading of news (unlimited):- Puspay upload fresh news and events, they pay members N2 for each news they read.

5. Commenting (Unlimited) :- Anytime you comment or share opinion on post, puspay pays you N5 for your opinion and contribution.

6.Submission of Post (unlimited) :- Puspay pays you  N100 for each of your approved post on the platform.

7. First approved comment on sponsored Posts gets 500 Airtime Daily.

8. Special Giveaways Competition :- Winners of this special monthly give away competition will also be rewarded with ₦1,000, ₦1500, ₦2000 and ₦3000 respectively. Competition will include but not limited to the top 5 article publisher (approved and published articles), top 5 contributors (approved comment) and other give away competition that will be carried out on puspay income program from time to time.

9.Referral Commission: Puspay income program pays you ₦600 for referring your family and friends to join you on puspay income opportunity.

10. The 5 top referral leader board will also be awarded .

NOTE : puspay will not promise you what they can not do,
Referral is NOT compulsory before you get paid on puspay income program.


To register on puspay income program, you must be eligible and valid. A valid member is one who have made a one time payment of N1000 for the purchase of the PIP Product. With a lifetime payment of N1000, you will be entitled to enough all the Good things from puspay income program.

To register click here.


The accepted method of payment on puspay income program is by pay stack using credit/debit card and coupon code.

Click here to buy coupon code.

You have to choose the most suitable method of payment If you are someone that has trust issues, then pay stack is recommended but if you are not, coupon code is  recommended.

When using pay stack, you have to understand that you will be activated after 24 hours of payment while coupon code is instant activation.
Note:- Do not pay to anyone who is not on the list of authorized vendors to prevent being scammed and make sure you don't pay more than the required amount of N1000 only.

Click here to register.


Withdrawal is every saturday of the week from 08:30 am to 10:00 pm while Payment is on Sunday for those that have attained the minimum withdrawal balance of ₦3500. If you haven’t reach the minimum withdraw you can use it to top up or pay bills once you have what it takes to do so.

Take part of puspay income program today and enjoy a lifetime income.

1. Puspay pays weekly
2. They have a minimal and affordable registration fee.
3. It is fresh and new
4. Enough updates to read, learn and earn.
5. They are operating a Swift site.

1. Minimum withdrawal of N3500 is too much, it should be reduced to meet demands of members.

In conclusion,
Joining a platform while it's new and fresh is always recommended because you will stand a chance to improve your earnings by referring people. Don't want much time, just click on the register button and proceed. Tomorrow might be too late!!
Puspay is not scam, it's real and legitimate for business. it is also open for everyone, young ,old and middle class. Take part now and start making cool money weekly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Anchor Income Program Review, Free Site To Make Sure Cash


If you're among those category of people who are looking for a free site to make money with, then anchor income program is here for you. Anchor income program is a registration free site with the policy of paying members who surf and navigate on their site, doing one activity or the other and also inviting people to join them on this golden opportunity.


ANCHOR income program is a new site with only a few number of days on the Internet. It was created by the Computer Department of The Famous university OAU - OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY in Nigeria.
Anchor income program is a news site that feeds members with the latest information and updates both in Nigeria and around the globe. They uses robot to source information from top news portal in Nigeria like the guardian, vanguard and many others only to present to best and accurate updates to members/readers. Apart from delivering latest information, they pay members/readers who sign up with them. You will not be paid if you are not registered, so if you wish to earn from anchor income program, you have to be a registered member. Don't worry because registration is free for now.

Anchor income program has no earning records or payment proof, but surely you must start from somewhere to get to your destination.

In life, First Comers always dominate, that is why we here on macroinfoo tries all possible best to introduce the latest platform to aid readers make money by taking advantage of the best.

How Anchor income program works

Anchor income program has a two way earning strategy.
1. Affiliate program:- After a successful registration, you automatically becomes an affiliate on anchor income program and you will be entitled to earn a whooping N500 from every persons that completes his or her registration through your affiliate link. You will be credited automatically when the system approves the registration. You can stand chance to boost your earnings on anchor income program if you invite your family, friends, colleagues at work and your social media friends. There is no limit to how you can earn on the affiliate program. Fortunately, if you invite 10 persons a day, you will be credited with 10 × 500= N5000 instantly.
Note:- Anchor income program pays with or without referrals because they offer a free membership registration for the main time.

2. Activity Earning Program:- On anchor income program, every activity on the site is a paid activity, after which anchor income program will share their ads revenue amongst members who participated in these activities. Activities like news reading, commenting, sharing news, sharing sponsored post, daily visits and much more.


There are many ways to make money on Anchor income program, these ways will be explained below.

1. Commenting on anchor income post:- You are paid N4 bonus for commenting on each featured post.

 2. Comment on sponsored post:- You are paid N50 bonus by commenting on each sponsored post.

 3. Daily visit/ log In :- anchor income program pays you N50 bonus when you visit the site on a daily basis.

4. Sponsored post sharing :- You are Credited with N100 bonus for each sponsored post that you share to your social media platform.

5. Referral commission :- Anchor income program pays you N500 bonus for each persons that accepts to join you on anchor income program. The more referrals you have, the more N500 referral bonus.

How to register on anchor income program

To register click here

The registration is for free for now, you don't have to pay a dime to join this unique platform. The reason why it is free is because the site is newly launched, they might change it any time. So its better you register now that its on the brighter side. At least you have nothing to lose.

To register click here

Note:- Use google chrome or UC browser or normal Internet, if your opera mini is not working.
I'll strongly recommend google chrome because it is the best for money making platforms.


Anchor income program cash out and withdrawal is done on 27th-29th of every month for only member with a N5000 minimum withdrawal and cash out.

Click here to register

1. Anchor income program offers free registration to its members.
2. They have good earning strategies.
3. Huge referral commission even when they entry is free.
4. Enough updates for reading and earning.
5. Referral is not compulsory.

1. Anchor income program pays monthly, this is one of the demerit of this platform. They have to adjust it to weekly so that they will be more interesting.
2. Minimum withdrawal is too much, they should reduce it to help members make money on time.

In conclusion,
Anchor income program is a cool money making platform that you can probably earn with, you don't need extra knowledge or skills to qualify for anchor income program benefits because it is open for everyone who wishes to enhance their financial life this year. Anchor income program is not scam, it is legit. Take advantage of anchor income program today and thank me tomorrow. Good luck!