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Myaddsup review- Earn $36 Per click with Myaddsup, Scam Alert!


MyAddsUp is a Paid to Click program that guarantees YOU earnings up to $36 per click depending on the number of Ad Packs you purchase you also get to advertise your own products and links.You also stand a chance of increasing your site traffic with myaddsup.


Before you can start earning with My Adds Up you must deposit some funds into your account. Deposits are a minimum of $1.00 and there is not maximum amount.

On the Deposit Funds page enter the amount you wish to deposit and select your payment method, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Coinpayments then follow the instructions on the next page.

Electronic currency exchanger listing


After you have deposited funds into your account click on the Buy Ad Pack Button. On the next page enter the URL Link address you want to promote, You will receive 100 Website views for each Ad Pack you purchase. Select the number of Ad Packs you want to buy.

Each Ad Pac…

Silicongist income review, scam alert

There's another legit paying platform that we are going to discuss today. On this blog, we try our possible best to gather all the money paying platform and review them one after the other to give our readers a wide range of choice. The platform is called silicongist income, it is one of the best paying platform in Nigeria with the policy of paying readers who visit their site and read, comment or share their sponsored post.
Here on silicongist, you learn and you earn.


Silicongist is a poverty alleviation project/program with the foresight of paying Nigerians for spending their time on the platform daily. Silicongist is also a big news portal that one could read interesting articles on various aspect of life like education, lifestyle, culture, religion, politics and events in Nigeria and around the globe. Silicongist uses robot to source virtual and accurate information.

Silicongist income program is an open opportunity for ev…

Newsbank income, Read this before you proceed

Let me introduce newsbank income program to you. Newsbank income program is an open opportunity for everyone who aspire to earn from their online activities daily, and with newsbank that aspiration will be possible and actualized.

NewsBank opens up to you the inferior opportunity to make money online when you create and activate your account, read interesting News, share sponsored posts on social media and chat with thousands of newsbank members. You spend much to navigate on the Internet but no one cares, newsbank is here to compensate you for your navigations on their website.


NewsBank was launched on the 27th January, 2019. It was created under the license of NewsBank Technologies, a Legally registered I.C.T business in Nigeria with CAC NO: BN-678223. Newsbank was created with the best intentions of eradicating and elimination of poverty among the Nigerians. Further more, it was established to expense quality and interesting i…

Youth Power Review, Must Read Before You Lend

Welcome To Youth Power Community
Youth Power Is know as Nigeria's No.1 Lending Platform where you Earn 50% Returns Weekly.
Are you a student or a youth?
Are you unemployed?
Do you want to invest in a business with just N1,500?
If Yes, Then join the community where members provide financial assistance to each other and start earning 50% weekly!


Youth Power is a Social Lending Platform created to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.
Youth power was launched on the 15th of October 2018, it's barely 4 months ago and yet they've made a lot of Nigerian to smile daily.

They currently have registered donors of about 37 plus and still counting, they have also paid close to 12.2 million naira in the past 4 months to lenders. you can be among those earning 50% of their lending weekly.

Youth power is a platform were you make donations to the less privilege and you get 50% returns weekly.

Youth power is a legit platform that was created to eradicate the Nigerian citizens from…

NairaTime Income review, scam

Welcome to NairaTime income
Naira time income program is another legit platform that we are going to discuss today.
With naira time income, you have the answers to your financial problem because on this platform, there are many smart ways to make money daily without much issues.
The fact is that the society we are today have made making money online to sound like a nightmare or child's play even when millions of people are smiling daily.
There's no point doubting every opportunity that comes your way because you might not know which one that will change your life for good. Naira Time is another opportunity that you should probably take advantage today.


NAIRATIME is a Digital Marketing Agency with origin in direct marketing. They promote Advertisers articles by sharing their monthly ads revenue with their valid members thereby creating an effective means of engaging the use of Social Media as a digital marketing agency. NairaTime income was established with…

Zinoly income program review, scam

When talking about making money online in Nigeria, if Zinoly Income is not included then it is not complete. Zinoly income program is an open opportunity to everyone, it doesn't matter where you stay or what you do.

We'll be looking at zinoly income program and how you can possibly earn from the platform.
With zinoly income program, you will be able to regain your stand financially and improve your intellect because of the quality news that is published daily on zinoly income program. I personally would recommend zinoly income for beginners who wants to start making good money online.
You Earn Money Online In Nigeria by simply Reading News, commenting on News, sharing sponsored post and many other activities  on Zinoly income.

With zinoly income program, you earn cool money for doing simply tasks, and this will only be possible if you sign up today and purchase the zinoly income package. You will be earning passive income even when you are learning too.

Zinoly income program i…

Naira Cash income review, scam

Hello readers, it is important that we make the right choice at the right time. That's why we take it upon ourselves to put you through and make your dreams of making money online a reality.
There is a unique platform that we are going to review today. This money making platform is called NAIRA CASH INCOME. Welcome to Naira Cash Income Program, the No.1 Nigeria most trusted news platform that pay valid members with referral bonuses and activities earnings. Naira cash has made it clear that they are proud of the unique initiatives and not a copied idea or a copied pattern of site. Naira Cash have said to be the No. 10 among the top 10 most visited, most used, most relevant and most informative website in Nigeria. Also the have touched and empowered a lot of Nigerians and no closing soon and No crashing. You should also join naira Cash income now to enjoy all the good benefits they have for Nigerians.
Naira Cash Income Program is a unique initiative idea…

Cissta Share and earn review , scam or real

Making money online should be  everybody target here in Nigeria due to the relative increase in unemployment rate. One needs an extra income to back up daily, weekly or monthly expenses. Considering the fact that, the economy is directly or indirectly down.
That is why is here to rescue you out when choosing you think about choosing the right or best platform for online businesses. Today, we have come across the latest money making site which we are going to review and probably enlighten you on how to earn with it.
This money making platform we are actually going to review today has a separate and unique policy, unlike the rest that have been earlier discussed on this blog. Its policy is for members or users  is to share sponsored post and refer people into the platform, you don't read news or comment on the platform, all you do is share and earn!

CISSTA SHARE AND EARN is the latest money making platform, it was launched barely 4(four) days ago. This is a great pl…

Kash pay income review, scam

Here is another exciting way to earn money in Nigeria. This money Making platform is basically known for paying its members for carrying out minor activities within the platform. With throughout research, we are possibly going to help me make a decent choice when it comes to making money online.You might be wondering if I belong to all these platforms that have been reviewed previously, the answer might Yes or No. I am into these system, and i also I know more or little about these platforms before writing a review about them.
This platform we're going to review today is kash pay income. Kash pay income, just like other platform is a news brand that deals with the trending news on entertainment, education, politics, religion and gossip both in Nigeria and around the globe.

This platform curate information from top Nigerian news channels like vanguard newspaper, guardians news papers, channel TV and much more.

Kash pay income is a program for everyone, not considering your gender, q…

24hourspay income review, scam or legit

Today we are going to review a new and fresh platform that is also known for paying it members for visiting and reading news on the website daily.This platform is called 24hourspay income.
We are going to analyze and enumerate the various ways of earning with 24hourspay income program.


24hourspay is a new Nigerian News platform that source for NEWS update from top Nigerian News media, blogger and publishers. 24hours is not limited to reading News alone, it comprises of 24hours Income program where valid members earns for reading informative content on the platform. Members are paid every week for completing some simple tasks like daily log in, commenting on the updates and sharing some assigned posts on social media, in short, members get paid for completing assigned tasks.


24hourspays income program is a unique platform that has a two way earning strategies just like other platform which are: 1. 24hourspay activities earning 2. 24hourspay affiliate earning.


EarnAp income review, scam or legit

Still on how to make money online,
Another unique platform have been discovered, whose policy is also paying members for visiting and reading on their site.
This fresh platform is EarnAp income program.
EarnAp income program have made it so easy for site visitors, Members and users to be updated with latest news and event from top sources both in nigeria and around the world.
This site was created specially and uniquely to deliver the most current and educative information to its users all over the world.
EarnAp income program is an online news platform that places its focus on educating and delivering accurate, relevant and current news and information that will be of great use to readers. These information comes from top reliable sources. EarnAp income program is Powered by: Naija Earners | EarnAp Web Technologies - RCN 2646726. EarnAp disseminate latest information in the area of Entertainment, Education, Sports, Relationships, Politics, technology and much …

Gistusmore income review, scam or legit

Now earning money have become more easier than ever due to the increase in legit money making platforms in Nigeria. Day by day, people come up with different things, opinions and patterns of making the dreams on Nigerians earning extra income on the Internet to be a reality. There is another platform that is known for surprises, daily alert and much more.
This money making platform is so real that it has the capacity to pay a single member twice in a day. it might sound unbelievable and Fake, but you will be convinced only if you take advantage of this platform today.
This platform I'm talking about is GISTUSMORE, With this money making platform, many Nigerians have been smiling daily because of the alert that bangs their phone. All you need is a smart phone or a system loaded with data, then  you are good to go. GistUsMore Nigeria is a brand of news platform that sources news and social happenings all around Nigeria from local, bloggers at large and Nige…

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