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Myaddsup review- Earn $36 Per click with Myaddsup, Scam Alert!

HOW MY ADDS UP WORKS MyAddsUp is a Paid to Click program that guarantees YOU earnings up to $36 per click depending on the number of Ad Packs you purchase you also get to advertise your own products and links.You also stand a chance of increasing your site traffic with myaddsup. HOW TO DEPOSIT FUNDS ON MYADDSUP Before you can start earning with My Adds Up you must deposit some funds into your account. Deposits are a minimum of $1.00 and there is not maximum amount. On the Deposit Funds page enter the amount you wish to deposit and select your payment method, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Coinpayments then follow the instructions on the next page. Electronic currency exchanger listing HOW TO BUY AN AD PACK ON MYADDSUP After you have deposited funds into your account click on the Buy Ad Pack Button. On the next page enter the URL Link address you want to promote, You will receive 100 Website views for each Ad Pack you purchase. Select the number of Ad Packs you want to

Instant Kash review, legit

Welcome to instant Kashincome

Here is another trending platform that you will really love to earn from because it's earning strategy is a little bit higher and convenience compared to other money making platforms in Nigeria!
      When thinking of how to earn money in Nigeria, think of instant kash! With over 31k members and still counting, instant Kash have proven itself to be one of the outstanding platform because of the flexible membership plan and earning strategies. This platform have put a smile on the faces of Nigerians.
After registration, you automatically become an affiliate, you will be able to view your dashboard and then see how much you've earned for the day!
The interesting part about this platform is that it pays you 75% commission for every person that successfully registered through your referral link!


This is a family that makes you grow your finances with just #2000 maximum registration fee.

Instant kash is one of the best online business now, because when you earn you get paid Instantly to your bank account.

You could earn up to 3k daily in the business without any stress


You may be wondering
How do I earn from this platform!

It's straight forward

1. You read news and earn N3
You can read as many as u want because of sufficient news.

2. Daily Log in bonus is N50
This is paid daily to your instant Kash account for visiting and browsing the site daily!

3.Daily quiz is N500,
This daily quiz is a simple question that is asked to educate members and when correctly answered, three persons are chosen at the end and rewarded with N500 each, daily quiz sometimes come twice in a day!

4.Posting are to forum is N100
You get paid for sharing relevant topic for interaction!
you can post 10 in a day.

5. Sharing of sponsored post daily is N100, it might come twice in a day.

Referral bonus is N1500
For Diamond plan
1125 for Gold Plan
And 750 for silver plan


1) It pays very well as their payment is daily payment.
The best online paying platform
You can request for your money anytime because withdrawal form is always available 247.

2) It is a new platform that has over 31k members.
Getting referrals won't be hard as it is not filled up yet.

3) It has three packages you can purchase.
So you just have to choose the one that suits your budget.

4) It offers a hot package on how to get referrals and run Facebook ads at an affordable Rate
This will surely grow your business.

5) They pay 75% referral bonus
    What site pays 75%?
An evidence that instant Kash is superb.

Note: It pays with and without referrals, this is so true because not everyone are able to convince people, so instant Kash have took it upon themselves to pay without referrals!

There are many more reasons why you should join thus great platform
Which I will explain further

Take the bold step and free yourself from being broke


Silver Membership Package Costs #1,000

Restricted to a Referral bonus of #750

Gold Membership Package Costs #1,500

Restricted to a Referral bonus of #1,125

Diamond Membership Package Costs #2,000
Referral bonus #1,500
No restriction as that's the highest bonus they pay!

My recommendation: I Will recommend anyone to purchase the diamond membership package because the referral bonus is higher compared to other membership packages.


We Pay You Instantly Within Hours For Every Person You Introduce To Our Platform Which Means You Could Be Making Between #6,000 To #15,000 Daily And And Up To #100,000 Monthly Straight To Your Bank Account For Your Referrals...Then We Sum Up Your Other Activities Earning And Pay You All Or Part Depending On Our Generated Revenue Every 26th Of The Month.

NOTE: Payment Is Made Even Without Referrals, You Don't Need Referrals Before Getting Paid!


Every New Member Even With A Registration Fee Of #1,000 Have Access To This Hot Package Below(Worth #10,000 Plus)


1.Video Course On  How To Create Facebook Sponsored Advert,Pay And Get It Approved By Facebook Using Your  Mobile Phone(Worth #2,500)

2.Video Course On  How To Create Facebook Sponsored Advert,Pay And Get It Approved By Facebook Using Your Computer(Worth #2,000)

3.Whatsapp Marketing Sales Cash Code Ebook(Worth #1,000)

4.Facebook Advertisements E-Book For Beginners (Worth #1,000)

5.Strategies For Creating Hot Facebook Adverts(Worth #1,000)

6.Intensive Trainings On *"How To Get Referrals For Any Business* By Professionals In D Field.(Worth  #2,500)

7.Ten Life Changing PDF Format E-Books On Finance, Management,Relationship,Business And Others (Worth #2,000)
This Is Strictly For Your Private Use.. Any Commercializing Of It Get You Penalized..

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR... You Are Registering Virtually For FREE Quickly Go And Secure Your Slot .

Membership Benefit

Instant Kash Are Planning On Launching a  Charitable Organization Arm Of The Company With The Name INSTANT HELP This Arm Of The Company Will Do a lot  Of Empowerment Ranging From
1.Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs
2.Giving Out Financial Aid To People In Tertiary Institution.
3.Helping The Widows And Less Privilege.
4.Donating Educational Equipments To School Pupils
5.And Many Other Empowering Programs.
We Believe That This Nation Will Be Better If We Have More Givers Than Takers, Members Can As Well Take Advantage Of This Opportunity To Donate To People's Empowerment And Well-Being... GIVING IS LIVING.
If You Haven't Registered Or Become A Member What Are You Waiting For..... You Can Still Enjoy This Amazing Opportunities That We Present You, We Will Continue To Empower Nigerians And Empower Lives.

They Always Have A System Where You Can Use Your Referral Bonus To Subscribe Bills And This Is INSTANT PAY

This Is Another Special Program For INSTANT KASHERS.

As Part Of Our First Initiatives Since The Launch Of INSTANT KASH,September 2018 To Have A Platform That Enables Of Members Pay Bill And Make Subscriptions Using Their INSTANT KASH Account,We Hereby Present To You INSTANT PAY.


With INSTANT PAY Members Can Now Pay For The Bills Or Make Subscriptions Straight From Their INSTANT KASH Account In Matter Of Minutes From The Comfort Of Their Mobile Phones Or Devices Anywhere They Are...Provided You Have Enough Or Exactly The Actual Amount In Your AS REFERRAL BONUS In Your INSTANT KASH Account YOU Are Good To Go.

So What Can You Pay For Using Your INSTANT KASH ACCOUNT

............DATA Subscription

............DSTV Subscription

............GOTV Subscription

............STARTIMES Subscription

............Buy Airtime/Recharge Cards

............Pay Money To People's Account

............Register And Activate Your Prospects.

...........Buy Bitcoin


Getting Started Is Quite Easy You Could Pick From Any Of Our Membership Packages

1.Silver Membership Package Cost #1,000

2.Gold Membership Package Cost#1,500

3.Diamond Membership Package Cost #2,000

So This Is The Plan...

No Cheating When You Register Someone.
A Silver Member Pays #1,000 For Registration And His Or Her Sponsor Get Paid Referrals Bonus Of #750..He Can Refer Any One.. Silver, Gold And Diamond Members But He Can't Earn More Than #750 Referral Bonus On Each Unless He Or She Upgrades.
A GOLD Member Pays #1500 Registration Fee..He Can Refer Silver Members Or Gold Members And Get His 75% Referral Bonus But If He Refers A DIAMOND Member He Still Earns #1,125 Unless He Or She Upgrades.
A DIAMOND MEMBER Pays #2,000 To Register And Can Register And Earn 75% Referral Bonus For Any Level No Restrictions.

You Can Also Choose To Upgrade Your Membership Package All You Need To Is To Make A Balance Payment To Us And You Are Good To Go.

Silver To Gold Upgrade Cost Only #500

Silver To Diamond Upgrade Cost #1000

Gold To Diamond Cost Only #500

To Get Started, Click On The Link Below To Register HERE then click on instant kash To continue.

You can join the facebook group to see Testimonies. 

After registration, contact any of the admin to activate your acct


Delight Okoronkwo---Call Or Whatsapp 09036449079

Maryann Okonkwo--- Call Or Whatsapp 07069574505


1. Instant Kash Pays Instantly Within Few Hours
2. They're Transparent With Payment
3. Good Earning Strategy
4. Sufficient News For Consumption
5. Pays Without Referrals.


1. Pays Activity Earning At Month End
2. Unreliable Site Due To Much Members

Is Instant Kash Scam Or Legit?

I Would Probably Say, You Should Give A Trial And You'll Be Surprised!
Best Regards!


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