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Myaddsup review- Earn $36 Per click with Myaddsup, Scam Alert!

HOW MY ADDS UP WORKS MyAddsUp is a Paid to Click program that guarantees YOU earnings up to $36 per click depending on the number of Ad Packs you purchase you also get to advertise your own products and links.You also stand a chance of increasing your site traffic with myaddsup. HOW TO DEPOSIT FUNDS ON MYADDSUP Before you can start earning with My Adds Up you must deposit some funds into your account. Deposits are a minimum of $1.00 and there is not maximum amount. On the Deposit Funds page enter the amount you wish to deposit and select your payment method, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Coinpayments then follow the instructions on the next page. Electronic currency exchanger listing HOW TO BUY AN AD PACK ON MYADDSUP After you have deposited funds into your account click on the Buy Ad Pack Button. On the next page enter the URL Link address you want to promote, You will receive 100 Website views for each Ad Pack you purchase. Select the number of Ad Packs you want to

Kash pay income review, scam

Here is another exciting way to earn money in Nigeria. This money Making platform is basically known for paying its members for carrying out minor activities within the platform. With throughout research, we are possibly going to help me make a decent choice when it comes to making money online.

You might be wondering if I belong to all these platforms that have been reviewed previously, the answer might Yes or No. I am into these system, and i also I know more or little about these platforms before writing a review about them.

This platform we're going to review today is kash pay income. Kash pay income, just like other platform is a news brand that deals with the trending news on entertainment, education, politics, religion and gossip both in Nigeria and around the globe.

This platform curate information from top Nigerian news channels like vanguard newspaper, guardians news papers, channel TV and much more.

Kash pay income is a program for everyone, not considering your gender, qualifications, ethnicity or religion. Kash pay program doesn't require any skills or degree, it is an open opportunity for who so ever needs to make extra money online. Both old and young, man or woman, students, lecturers, fresh graduates, serving members, retired workers and pensioners can take advantage of this great money making platform and start being the best among friends and relatives.
Kash pay income is one of the newest and freshest platform to make money online. With kash pay, you could be making more than N10, 000 weekly with only few clicks on your smart phone, tablet or PC.


On kash pay income, you are absolutely going to be paid for carrying out minor activities on the platform, these activities included; news reading, relevant comments, daily visit to the site, posting relevant and interesting contents and sharing of sponsored post.


On kash pay income, there are 2(two) possibly membership packages, and you earn on these two packages.

The first one is KASH PAY AFFILIATE EARNINGS (KAPS), On kash pay income, when once you successfully completed your registration, you automatically become a kash pay affiliate. As an affiliate, you will be able to see your affiliate environment and you are also entitled to earn 50% referral commission on each person's that successfully completed their registration through your affiliate or referral link. That's a whooping N600, your referral money is paid automatically without time Wastage.
The second way is KASH PAY ACTIVITY EARNINGS (KAES). This is the earnings made from carrying out minor activities on the platform as earlier stated on this article. I have verified that this platform is legitimate and good for earning.

Below is the summary of how to make money with Kash-Pay Income Program.

1. Welcome bonus: You earn ₦100 automatically, when you successfully completed your registration. This is a commission to thank you participating on the platform.

2. Daily Log in: you earn whooping ₦60 each day you visit the platform, is this not wonderful?

3.  Sponsored Post Sharing : you earn a massive commission of ₦100 each time you share an assigned sponsored post on kash pay income to your social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, Facebook, blog or website. this is done on a daily basis.

4.  Post Reading: you earn ₦2 for each post you read, you can read 200 or more on a daily basis.

5.  Comment on Post : you earn ₦3 anytime you submit a reasonable and relevant post on last pay income.

6.  Approved Submitted Post: you earn ₦100 for each well composed content that gets approved by kash pay income admin after submitting.

7.  Special Monthly Giveaways : Winners Get ₦1000, ₦1,500, ₦2000, ₦2500 and ₦3000.

8. Referral Commission : you earn a whooping ₦600 Commission when a person successfully register through your affiliate link.

9. Watching Videos: you earn ₦1 per second for each video you watch.

10. You can buy Recharge Card, DSTV, GOtv and Startimes subscription with your Activity Earnings.

Note:- Minimum withdrawal is ₦3000. Referral is NOT compulsory to kash-out on Kash-Pay unlike other platform where you need to refer 2 to 4 persons before getting paid.


Registration fee is a one time payment of N1200.
What are you still waiting for?

Click here and follow the steps on the registration page to register.
Make sure all your details are correct and are truly yours, to avoid story that touches the heart.


Kash pay income program accepts only two method of payment, either by pay stack ( using credit or debit card) or coupon code.
Note:- before making payment to any coupon vendor or distributor, make sure you verify with kashpay.com , this is to avoid paying into the wrong accounts or being scammed.
You don't have to observe anymore , take a step and make the best.


1. Affordable registration fee.
2. Enough post for consumption
3. 50% referral commission.
4. Good earning strategies.
5. pays weekly


1. Poor and unreliable site

In conclusion,
Kash pay income is an affordable platform that you can take part, and start earning good money straight into your local bank account.
With kash pay income, alert go disturb your life.

Happy money making.


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