Making Extra Money Online

     When talking about making some money online, it doesn't mean logging on to the Internet to drop you account details somewhere then sit back to relax, expecting an alert from heaven even when you are not registered to any money making platform whose policies is to pay it's registered members for carrying out various activities on the website.

       Here on macroinfoo blog, we gather all the platforms, review all these platforms, analyze them to the understanding of our readers who have little or no knowledge about which platform in Nigeria. Our aim is also to educate our readers on the possible challenges with making money online and the possible ways to over come this challenges so as not to fall victim of being scammed or frustrated by people who have more value or concerned with their own pocket.
        Our friends sometimes talk about making some money online or getting connections through advertising their product and signing up for a paying platform either on Instagram, Facebook, twitter , blogs or other website who offers this services, some of us normally think they are actually joking or wasting their precious time on irrelevant thing which is completely the opposite! They are really making this money because there are a lot of platform who offer to pay members for browsing and visiting their site daily.

  • Do you know that in the next few years ahead, technology is taking over manpower and human services might not longer be considered because automated machine will be introduced to replace human services, what happens with you that depends so much on your salary?
  • Are you still depending on your college degree for employment? When others who haven't seen the four walls of the university are making cool cash everyday from the Internet?
  • Does Your 30k monthly salary enough to cover your daily, weekly and monthly expenses? 
  • If YES then it's cool to be arrogant and avoiding opportunities, but If NO, then you need the Internet to help and support you with your bills.
Would you believe that people are earning not less than 300k daily without a college degree and qualifications? This is not magic because anything you want to be successful with must require more time, sacrifice and devotions.
      We Nigerians are so attached to any thing free, that's why most of us can't progress because of being afraid to invest 1 naira that would have brought up $1, but also fail to understand that even in a free town, there's anything absolutely free.

  • Are you a student?
  • A fresh graduate?
  • Teacher?
  • Pastor?
  • Business men?
  • Unemployment? 
  • Self employed
Or house wife who needs to earn extra money to support daily or monthly expenses, then you need to invest a little and stand a better chance of earning more.
       Macroinfoo blog is here to support and help you with all the necessary information that will help you to choose from the numerous online platforms in nigeria so you can earn along with others too.
You have any questions, drop it off on the comment section and you'll be attended to.
Good luck and happy money making!


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