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Myaddsup review- Earn $36 Per click with Myaddsup, Scam Alert!

HOW MY ADDS UP WORKS MyAddsUp is a Paid to Click program that guarantees YOU earnings up to $36 per click depending on the number of Ad Packs you purchase you also get to advertise your own products and links.You also stand a chance of increasing your site traffic with myaddsup. HOW TO DEPOSIT FUNDS ON MYADDSUP Before you can start earning with My Adds Up you must deposit some funds into your account. Deposits are a minimum of $1.00 and there is not maximum amount. On the Deposit Funds page enter the amount you wish to deposit and select your payment method, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Coinpayments then follow the instructions on the next page. Electronic currency exchanger listing HOW TO BUY AN AD PACK ON MYADDSUP After you have deposited funds into your account click on the Buy Ad Pack Button. On the next page enter the URL Link address you want to promote, You will receive 100 Website views for each Ad Pack you purchase. Select the number of Ad Packs you want to

Monywayz.com review, scam alert

Hello readers, here is a new platform in Nigeria, this is one Among the cheapest money earning platform. Earlier on our previous review, we had discussed about a money making platform that you can start with the lowest registration fee of 200 NGN.

So here we go again, with just 500 NGN, you could be smiling without anyone tickling you! Yes with 500 NGN, YOU CAN BE AMONG OTHERS MAKING MILLIONS DAILY!
This platform I'm talking about is called MONYWAYZ, this unique platform unlike others is mostly concerned with the salvation of Nigerian youths from poverty! And as such, you don't need a B.SC OR A MASTER DEGREE before you can participate.

Some of us like myself was a little skeptical at first, wondering whether this program is a scam not until I discovered that it is owned by one of our trusted net worker and web wizard. This platform is 105% Real because it's more than a 100% guarantee .
 MONYWAYZ can never be a scam. MONYWAYZ  is a legit system and not a get rich quick Program , you  work with it , you earn with it. it is Registered under cooperate affairs commission ‘CAC’  Giftalworld Technologies with  RCN 2680874.

To be qualified to earn from this platform, you must be a validated and eligible member. Validated and eligible members are active members that have successfully registered for Monywayz through the payment of a one time subscription fee of N500, To become a full Member.
How does  It Works
This platform is known as Nigeria’s No.1
Refer & Earn Platform, it is a referral business where you introduce people to the business and stand a chance to earn whooping referral commission on their entry/ registration fee. Monywayz.com A Unique product of Giftalworld.com.
On Monywayz.com, earning money has become more easier than ever before.
Simply register today on our website and start earning money at home at just few touches or clicks on your smart phone, you can earn more than ₦100,000 monthly without stress by Referring and inviting your family and friends and yes we are 100% trusted and registered company you can trust, check us out Giftalworld Technologies RCN 2680874.


There is only one major way to earn on monywayz. Just Sign up with N500 and get N300 Referral Bonus on any Person you Refer to Our Platform. That's a whooping 60% referral commission.

Let assume you refer 20 people daily that means you are Earning 300 x 20 =N6,000 Referral Bonus Daily.

With the Cheap , Small & Affordable Sign up Fee Making Money Becomes Easy.
You can earn more than 6k  weekly How sweet.

Don't be afraid if your friends, family
members or co-workers are going to comply when you tell them about this unique opportunity, because with the low registration fee of 500 NGN, convincing me or any other persons won't be a problem.

Note;- Minimum cashout is N1,000 you cash out weekly. MONYWAYZ pays her Members Every  week . We payout Every Wednesdays of Every week. With a transfer charges of N100 . What you do is to request for withdrawal. Withdrawal form opens every Sunday-Monday of every week.

You might be wondering if there is any hidden charges, the answer is NO, because once you activate your MONYWAYZ account for N500, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees in the future, no upgrade.


To register on This platform, you need 500 NGN REGISTRATION fee, Click on this link  monywayz to register.

 Note: use only one email to register. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed. Also note that using two monywayz accounts for similar bank account is not allowed.


There are two ways of payment in which Members make payment to register either using visa, verve MasterCard of online banking system via Paystack or purchasing coupon code or e-pin or voucher from our distributor.

Coupon code or e-pin or voucher is the new payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of few alphabet in form of code that you need to  purchase from MONYWAYZ Coupon code distributors and apply on registration page. Once its applied. Check your dashboard if you are a registered member to see distributors list otherwise, check details page  HERE.


You need to make a withdrawal from your dashboard and your eligible unpaid share earnings will be sent to your bank accumulate and cash out whenever you want you don’t need to make a withdrawal till whenever you are ready.
Before you can make a withdrawal, please take note and make sure that;

1. You have earned enough with the minimum amount of N1,000 Referral earning including referral earning as the case may be.

2. You can only make a withdrawal request once in a week as we payout weekly.
Multiple withdrawal request will be discarded and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

3. You must be ready to cash out your earning. So, if you feel your earning is not enough to cash-out, you can always retain it till whenever you are ready.

4. Withdrawal rules must be followed to make sure everything is well regulated. Else, you may not be attended to for that month.


Once you have registered and get approved, a unique referral link will automatically be generate as your own. From your dashboard menu, click on ” Affiliate / Referral Links. From there you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.

Note:-  It is compulsory To Refer People Before you Get Paid because This is a Referral Earning Platform.

People normally complain about not being credited after sharing out of referral link to interested persons, this happens when the person refuses to register using your link so that you won't get the referral commission.
Everything on monywayz is automated, so if you introduce someone to the platform and you have not received your pay, then your down line is to be blamed.
Your account won’t be credited unless your prospect registers with your referral link, make payment and get approved. Some persons like disregarding the link given to them by going directly to the site without the use of their sponsor’s link. So, it’s advisable to shorten and hide your referral link to avoid loosing referrals unnecessarily. To shorten and hide your link, you can use either goo.gl or bit.ly.


Monywayz.com is a Unique product of Giftalworld.com a site with Thousands of Users . Our aim is to Eradicate Poverty & Unemployment through Visiting the Internet on daily basis.

Who Is The Founder?

Monywayz.com is An Idea of G-WORLDWIDE ENTREPRENEUR. Owned by Raji Ibrahim Ebright a Pro Blogger, A Motivational  Speaker and also the founder of Giftalworld income program! A prominent platform that pays.
Note:- This is A pure Referring Business though More Features Coming, so if you are not competent enough or inclined in affiliate marketing, you can start with monywayz.com

Join monywayz now and start smiling To your Bank account daily.


1. Pays weekly
2. Cheap registration fee
3. Fast site
4. 60% referral commission


1. It is a pure referral business
2. You won't earn if you are not good in affiliate marketing.

In conclusion,

Monyways is the cheapest referral business where you stand a chance to earn 60% referral commission on everyone that successfully register through your affiliate link. Its not scam because of its reputable administration.
Join now and you won't regret it.


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