Anchor Income Program Review, Free Site To Make Sure Cash


If you're among those category of people who are looking for a free site to make money with, then anchor income program is here for you. Anchor income program is a registration free site with the policy of paying members who surf and navigate on their site, doing one activity or the other and also inviting people to join them on this golden opportunity.


ANCHOR income program is a new site with only a few number of days on the Internet. It was created by the Computer Department of The Famous university OAU - OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY in Nigeria.
Anchor income program is a news site that feeds members with the latest information and updates both in Nigeria and around the globe. They uses robot to source information from top news portal in Nigeria like the guardian, vanguard and many others only to present to best and accurate updates to members/readers. Apart from delivering latest information, they pay members/readers who sign up with them. You will not be paid if you are not registered, so if you wish to earn from anchor income program, you have to be a registered member. Don't worry because registration is free for now.

Anchor income program has no earning records or payment proof, but surely you must start from somewhere to get to your destination.

In life, First Comers always dominate, that is why we here on macroinfoo tries all possible best to introduce the latest platform to aid readers make money by taking advantage of the best.

How Anchor income program works

Anchor income program has a two way earning strategy.
1. Affiliate program:- After a successful registration, you automatically becomes an affiliate on anchor income program and you will be entitled to earn a whooping N500 from every persons that completes his or her registration through your affiliate link. You will be credited automatically when the system approves the registration. You can stand chance to boost your earnings on anchor income program if you invite your family, friends, colleagues at work and your social media friends. There is no limit to how you can earn on the affiliate program. Fortunately, if you invite 10 persons a day, you will be credited with 10 × 500= N5000 instantly.
Note:- Anchor income program pays with or without referrals because they offer a free membership registration for the main time.

2. Activity Earning Program:- On anchor income program, every activity on the site is a paid activity, after which anchor income program will share their ads revenue amongst members who participated in these activities. Activities like news reading, commenting, sharing news, sharing sponsored post, daily visits and much more.


There are many ways to make money on Anchor income program, these ways will be explained below.

1. Commenting on anchor income post:- You are paid N4 bonus for commenting on each featured post.

 2. Comment on sponsored post:- You are paid N50 bonus by commenting on each sponsored post.

 3. Daily visit/ log In :- anchor income program pays you N50 bonus when you visit the site on a daily basis.

4. Sponsored post sharing :- You are Credited with N100 bonus for each sponsored post that you share to your social media platform.

5. Referral commission :- Anchor income program pays you N500 bonus for each persons that accepts to join you on anchor income program. The more referrals you have, the more N500 referral bonus.

How to register on anchor income program

To register click here

The registration is for free for now, you don't have to pay a dime to join this unique platform. The reason why it is free is because the site is newly launched, they might change it any time. So its better you register now that its on the brighter side. At least you have nothing to lose.

To register click here

Note:- Use google chrome or UC browser or normal Internet, if your opera mini is not working.
I'll strongly recommend google chrome because it is the best for money making platforms.


Anchor income program cash out and withdrawal is done on 27th-29th of every month for only member with a N5000 minimum withdrawal and cash out.

Click here to register

1. Anchor income program offers free registration to its members.
2. They have good earning strategies.
3. Huge referral commission even when they entry is free.
4. Enough updates for reading and earning.
5. Referral is not compulsory.

1. Anchor income program pays monthly, this is one of the demerit of this platform. They have to adjust it to weekly so that they will be more interesting.
2. Minimum withdrawal is too much, they should reduce it to help members make money on time.

In conclusion,
Anchor income program is a cool money making platform that you can probably earn with, you don't need extra knowledge or skills to qualify for anchor income program benefits because it is open for everyone who wishes to enhance their financial life this year. Anchor income program is not scam, it is legit. Take advantage of anchor income program today and thank me tomorrow. Good luck!


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