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How To Get Referrals, Step by Step Guide (2019)


Today I'm Going To Help You Answer One Of The Most Bothering Questions That Is Always Asked By New Affiliate Marketers Which Is "How To Get Referrals". This Questions Have Made A Lot Of People Who Had Passion For Affiliate Marketing To Shy Away From It Because They Are Afraid That They Won't Be Able To Convince Anyone To Join Them.

 Below is a steps by step pattern of getting referrals and earning referrals commission without stress.

how can you make money from getting referrals and why is it important in affiliate marketing?

1. Getting Referrals for yourself :- Getting referrals for yourself will boost your chances of earning higher from any affiliate platform.

2. Selling with integrity to those needing it at a good reasonable price

3. Training people on how to get referrals, Quality training to say.

 You have to understand that you have to be agile and not lazy, affiliate marketing is for smart people, if you are lazy then you are not supposed to join the business because it's not for you.
You are not going to get referrals from heaven, you source it there on earth except you want to get angels. This article is going to help you with that so you won't see affiliate marketing so boring like you always did.

There are two major avenues of getting referrals as an affiliate.

1. offline campaign

2. online campaign

So let's start with offline campaign.

Step 1
     Offline campaign is very simple and reliable because you don't need to type anything but you explain about your products or services verbally. For instant, you're an affiliate on a news paying site like Puspay income program or 007 reports, you can share the business opportunity with your close friends, family members and from there, you get one or two persons joining you on the business.
That is not so hard, you can back up the opportunity by recent alerts from members or testimonies.

Further more, you can go with this other step if you have what it takes to do so.

Step 2.
      Holding offline presentations Seminars on the program you want to get referrals for. you will end up gathering many referrals on a daily basis.

 All this Is on an offline campaign, For the first step above, If have nice friends and you introduce them to the platform, they will join you considering the juicy packages that is offered on the platform.

For this to happen, you have to go the extra miles and I will to you how to go about it.
For holding presentations or seminars,

You have to access a crowd, Maybe your church, mosque, office staff, A school like the Universities or polytechnics. You have to be bold and smart to do this Because it's serious canvassing, you will harvest a lot of referrals for yourself if you try this step.

See let me gist you most people on NNU  income program, not minding their large user base, are still getting plenty referrals on a daily basis.

Go to the universities and polytechnics, you will get plenty referrals by sharing a business opportunity because Students need money for one or two stuffs in the various departments, you can convert many people and earn more using the offline campaign strategies.

So let's talk online campaign,

Online strategy is interesting and I believe you will like it.

Below is the following ways you can reach out to interested persons and convert them to your referrals.

1.Whatsapp status:-  This one can convert many of your whatsapp contacts because people will consciously and unconsciously check Your status update even without your permission, you might not know what they like because you might not be chatting directly with them but once they see that money is involved, they will inbox you and from there, you convert them and make money. Don't forget to do this on daily basis, upload fresh Alert of the platform you want to refer people to as your WhatsApp status.
You will be shocked about the outcome of referrals if you try this.

others way are,

Posting on your facebook timeline.

Facebook and Whatsapp chat method.

Facebook and Whatsapp group methods.

Blogging strategy

Paid advert

And more
You have to be very smart if you really want to make good money especially from all these news paying site, they might tell you referrals is not compulsory but don't relent effort by making money alone without telling people around you.

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You know facebook has made posting more beautifying and enticing, then you have to look for a way to beautify your post... All u need do is to Create a catchy advert on your facebook timeline about business, product or services, pick a color and Tag a lot of people.
Be active and responsive, once people comment, Try and follow up By Telling them To either Chat you on facebook Or on whatsapp .

You can also direct them to join you whatsapp  group for presentation or using
wa.me/2347012295098 to inbox you directly.

Replace that with your WhatsApp contact to direct people chat you straight on WhatsApp

with this strategy, you can convert people as Referrals too.


• Create a whatsapp group

• join a lot of facebook groups, Student groups to say example

University of Ibadan aspirant, Unilorin  aspirant, Unizik, Uniport update, University of uyo aspirant group And many others.

Now hers is the hint, Join more than 20 high numbers groups like University of Ibadan aspirant which has more than 100,000 member. Post religiously on the groups, comment box, if you have a whatsapp group, attach your WhatsApp link to the advert about your products and watch referrals raining.
Now people will surely join your group when your Advert is
• Attractive
• Catchy
• Convincing

Check out these examples Below to get tips of what am trying to say.

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 So if you post the adverts, Put alert testimony to back it up.

Get people into your group by sharing your link on adverts.
All you need Is to have a good presentations on how to convince them to join.
Your presentation must expose all the benefits of the business in question.
And ensure that you are not so strict in your presentation group yet don't take shit,
Be accommodating, Loving, Attentive, appealing, Ladies be charming so that you with get to your audience swiftly.

If you Post into 20 facebook groups daily,
Get people to your Whatsapp group,
Hold nice presentations twice in a day,
You should get at least one referral on a bad day, 5 referrals on a good day And 10 referrals if you have found favour in the sight of the Lord.

More so, If you know how to create a blog be it paid or free, you can create one and advertise your business opportunity or product on it. Now this is the logic behind this, When people wants to know more about the business opportunity, They will search it up on google and when your blog appears, they can contact you from there And you can convert them to your referral.

To create a free blog click here.

If you follow this steps religiously, you will be harvesting a lot of referrals to your business and then stand a chance to earn whopping money from being an affiliate. Don't be afraid to talk to people, they won't bite you or kill you. If it catches their fancy, they will join you.

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In conclusion,
Being an affiliate is one thing and earning from being an affiliate Is another thing in which you have to work dearly for. Using the contact us if you have questions to ask personally, or use the comment box to contribute or ask general questions. We are here for you.


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