Make Money With Branch, Best Referral Business with Just 200 Naira!

Are you looking for a legit referral platform that you can earn huge about of bonuses by just telling your friends, family members and colleague at work? Then let me introduce you to Branch Loan App!

What's branch?

Branch is an online loan app which gives loan to people

How do you earn from it?

You'll earn from referral earnings

How does it work?

Step 1:
Download the Branch app on Google Play Store here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Step 2:
Register your details

Step 3:
Go to promotion and enter this code


4.Make a Loan of ₦1000. You'd be asked to pay back ₦1,200. 

Step 5
 You'd add 200 to the ₦1,000 you were loaned pay ₦1,200. Then pay it ASAP

I get ₦2,000 once you do this. You get #2000 for each person that uses ur code imagine 5ppl using your code you get cool 10k without any hassle...its lucrative and satisfying.

Lucky people also get ₦2000 for just joining too. Invite your friends to also get theirs.

•Very easy. 

•You don't even get to spend any money.

Note: All your details are 100% secured, no need of fear as they legit, I've been using branch for a year!!! Confused at any step, contact  me I'll explain more.....let's make some cash

I've been using Branch to get fast, affordable loans. Get the Branch app: Download App Be sure to enter my promo code ekemin71e37

Use the contact us button or whatsapp me with 07012295098 to Clear your doubts!  It's juicy!


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